“I am a Leader, and so are You”

As I enjoyed my day off on Friday, I missed sending out to you these words of inspiration, so allow me to send them to you today. On Friday I spent the entire day enjoying a day of pampering and loving on myself. I have had quite a week last week and to be honest I looked so forward to a weekend of loving on others so that I may take my mind off of me for a while thank goodness. So here is what I wrote about on that day, I am a Leader and so are You.

Now you may think in your mind that well I do conduct myself in a leaderly fashion; I mean I am a Owner of a small company, or a Manager of a clothing store, or even a Supervisor with the local police department in my day job; and on the weekends, I am even a Deacon or Lay Minister in my church, my goodness I am even a Cub Scout Director in my region; so I am a Leader, you tell yourself. But the one thing I have found out about being a Leader is that as you continue to reach up those rungs of achievement for yourself, you must also realize that as a Leader it is your duty to reach down to help others as well. I say all of this because I am and have always been all my life a Leader in some capacity or another. I mean it isn’t that I start out each and every day with that thought in my mind. No it just always seems to happen just as a natural selection of things to come.

As a Leader I have always found it in myself to want to help others. I am genuinely concerned about seeing others succeed even if their success propels them into an even higher or better position than I am in; the mere fact that I am able to step out there and make a determination that will allow someone else to be a success in their life brings much pleasure to me. As someone who leads or someone who is always willing to take the first step, someone who feels that within their lifetime what they can achieve for others and with others together we can make this world a better place and ourselves so much better as well, are always the thoughts that go through my mind always and in all times.

So I say all of this because as a Leader, and as someone who is willing to take the risks, and as someone who always see the glass or bottle full and overflowing, that can and is quite uncomfortable to others. I used to feel that when people felt uncomfortable by you because your star or your light was so bright, that it was something that was positive and it was almost flattering; but now I have also begun to realize that that type of behavior can also be destructive, and ugly and that is so very sad to me. When you decide to step out of the pack of others and take the lead on something or some matter, because you feel within your own heart that you can make a difference, to me that should not make anyone uncomfortable. Being a Leader, wanting to lead the charge to make this world better, more positive, and fairer for all should not make the status quo uncomfortable. What should make the status quo uncomfortable is that the idea or dream or even manifestation didn’t happen earlier or even before you took up the flag and said follow me I know the way.

So here is my question for you, how do you want to lead in your life? As a follower that stays within the lines and the lanes at all times? Or do you want to blaze a trail down a path that has not been ever traveled on because you see in yourself the light of a Leader? You see in yourself the burning desire to step up, and step forward, and to you as it is with me as well, you are always willing to fight the good fight, if that means that a new path to a new trail needs to be blazed in this world. Believe me when I tell you, that sometimes you have but one chance to stand up for something, for someone, or for yourself; use that one chance and that one opportunity to be a Leader, to take a stand and to see for yourself just what it means to make a difference in this world, because you, you stood up to be counted and you made a difference for all the right reasons, and that one reason in particular was for the love of yourself as a Leader.

May the love of God continue to make your shining star be seen from all the vistas of this planet, and may you continue to shine brightly as the Leader that you are and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God and so it is. God bless you all,

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