“How large is your God?”

Dear Heavenly Father, we are so thankful and so grateful for today. Lord I am beyond words to express my feelings at this time; yesterday I felt I needed a healing, yesterday I felt that a healing was needed, and I say that because I felt I felt hurt within my soul. I have been trying to make some things happen in my personal life that have not come to fruition, and I can only blame myself for not being focused and determined in my direction, but needless to say Lord I have found that I am needing direction, guidance, and supervision in this area. And this area is called throwing away the old notions of things, and relieving and releasing all that worry and all that tension and all that concern to you.

I know I say I do this, I know I plead with myself to do this, but still Lord every once in a while I get caught up in a are you sure moment? Are you sure Gerrie you are going to be able to really put this aside and let the Heavenly Father take care of this for you? Are you sure Gerrie that you are really going to be able to put this out of your mind and allow yourself to be swept away in the Heavenly Spirit, and trust that this will all be determined and resolved the way that it was meant to be. Because what used to be the pattern was that I would worry and that I would cry and I would, I would just worry; and that was the old me, the new me has changed so much from that but every once in a while when something comes upon me that I feel oh my God is this something that God can handle because it is so mountainous, so monumental, and then I forget that my God is huge.

How large is your God? How large is your Heavenly Father that you believe in that you understand that no matter how small or how big your problem is that your Heavenly Father can take care of that for you? How large is your God? That was something my Pastor spoke about last Sunday, how large is your God, how large is your understanding that your life will be bountiful, will be abundant, will be prosperous, will be successful, because you deem it to be that way, how large is your God? I go back to myself, and I say my God is humongous, my belief in my Heavenly Father is mountainous, it is humongous, it is humongous, so I ask for a miracle today.

So I ask for an opportunity to make a miracle happen today, because Lord I know I have done all I can do, I have focused all the energy that I have, I have used all of the megabits in my brain that are available, and I cannot come to a conclusion on this. So I’m putting it in your hands, your hands my Heavenly Father, I’m putting this all in your hands, and I say and I affirm; I am rich because my Father is rich, I am successful and I live a bountiful life because that is the life that my Father sees for me and that is my life to claim, I am blessed because that is the only way that my Father and I see my existence in this World, thank you God.

And if I ever Lord doubt what is mine to have, and what is mine to be given to me, I want to mainly reflect on this thought, there is nothing too big for my God to handle, there is nothing too small for my God to be troubled with, and there is nothing too minuscule in my life that I should not trust and put aside on the faith of the Lord, on the faith of the Heavenly Spirit that it will be resolved, because He will make it so.

Now it may be the way that I want it to be taken care of, but it will be taken care of, the way that the Heavenly Spirit sees and feels fit for that resolution. So yes Lord, I needed a healing yesterday, and I received my healing today, yes Lord I needed a revelation yesterday, and I received my revelation today, and yes Lord I needed a cornucopia of blessings to be rained down on me, and I received that cornucopia, the horn of plenty, the blessings of the multitude, I received that today; and, for this Lord we can only say in thanksgiving, thank you God for the multiple blessings that you have adorned and given me in my life, thank you God for the amazing mind that you allow me to see what is best for me by giving me what is needed for my soul, thank you God for the love, for the love, and for the love of you in my life and so it is. Amen and amen

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