“How can I Serve and Gratitude on Gratitude”

Dear Heavenly Father thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t know where to begin today dear Blessed Ones. Let’s see, let’s begin at the beginning, so I began my day today by not only doing one meditation period with Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra for their 21 days of meditation, but I finished up a meditation series with an organization called Mentors Channel and they have been doing a series on 21 days of Gratitude. So today was a bonus opportunity it was the 22nd day so the founder and CEO of Mentors Channel, Mr. Doron Libshtein, gave his words today on “Gratitude on Gratitude”.

I have to say that I meditate about three (3) times a day; I meditate in the morning, I meditate in my mid-day, and then I meditate in the evening before I go to bed with my prayers. It has allowed me to feel so calm, or let’s say to feel calmer than I would have felt had I not meditated, and gone into the silence and found that quiet time with the Heavenly Spirit and I to just be together. Today’s message was different on both of those different mediums, Oprah’s and Deepak’s message today was “How can I Serve” and the Mentors Channel’s message today was “Gratitude on Gratitude”.

Which they both to me, when put together are still being thankful for what you can do, and what you have, and how you use that to help others. So when I think about how can I serve, I think about my life, I think about my journey, I think about my new crusade that I am on, that allows me to find ways to love, and to share that love with each and every one that I meet; and then the other message gratitude, feeling gratitude for gratitude. The saying that we should be grateful for each and everything that is in our lives, whatever it is be grateful, say thank you, and I’ll start out. Thank you for the air that I breath in my body every morning, thank you for the shelter that covers me and protects me from the elements of the Earth, thank you for the amazing husband that I have that loves me unconditionally, thank you for the job that I have that allows me to bring food to the table for my family, thank you for the wellness that I have in my body that allows me to get up every morning and do it all over again, but do it even better than before; and thank you for the amazing and loving extended family that I have that bring such joy into my life.

Thank you for giving me a mind that allows me to see not only the beauty that I have within my grasp, but the beauty of the world that is out there, and the beautiful people that I see each and every day, that are able to share a smile and a thank you with me as well. Thank for this amazing ride that we are on that allows us to see the mountain tops and allows us to see the river below, and allows us to feel the love that we have here for each other and for ourselves. Thank you, thank you, may the loving arms of the Heavenly Spirit show you how you can find a way in your life to be of service to someone else, and may the loving words of the Heavenly Spirit allow you to see that just by your sheer existence, just by the fact that you walk out of your door every day, and you smile, or you nod, or you giggle, or you full belly laugh with someone else you are serving such a purpose in this World, you are being of service, which allows you to serve yourself as well.

Be of service to someone else, so that you too can be served the blessings that are so waiting to be given to you, as I share these two things that seem to me to be so relevant to each other; I feel that I too must thank you, for the service that you provide me, the opportunity to share with you my thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations, my inspirations, thank you for that, and as we go about our day today let us find a way to be of service to someone else so that we can serve and to be served as well, and let us also see and be so grateful for the gratitude that we are able to experience in our lives, the gratitude of sharing gratitude with others, God bless you all, Amen and amen

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