“His words were so simple, but his Spirit was amazing”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I had an amazing morning today that I just have to share with all of you.  I didn’t feel very well this morning upset stomach, my knee was trying not to cooperate with my knee brace, and to top off all of that I felt like maybe I should take the day off just to sleep in my warm and cozy bed for just a few more hours.  So as I forced myself to get up and to pull myself together with much prayer for healing, and to just quiet my mind which was racing a hundred miles an hour.  Before I knew it I found myself dressed and out the door headed toward the light rail station.

While there at the station I came upon a man who was working feverishly to find his money for his ticket.  As I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the train was coming he finally just moved aside and said to me go ahead and take care of yours ma’am, in which I thanked him and proceeded to pull a ticket out of my purse to give him in return for his favor he had given me.  He looked at me and said thank you, no really thank you, no one ever does a good deed for me, and God knows I do good deeds for so many others.  So I smiled and continued to get ready to catch the train.

He walked over to me and said I just really want you to know how much this has touched my heart; and as the train came he proceeded to follow me on and he sat right across from me and said well I just think I will sit here with you and talk with you today if you don’t mind.  I looked at him he seemed to be a nice older gentleman so I said sure not a problem.  And for the next 25 minutes he proceeded to share with me his life story; how he worked at Walmart in the evenings cleaning the store, and how he didn’t have much, he had a job, he had a hole in the wall of a place that he wanted me to make sure I understood that at least it was his hole in the wall.

And the fact that he had a son that he wasn’t able to raise until the boy turned 17 years old, but at least now he is able to be in the child’s life.  He said all of these things constantly praising the Heavenly Spirit for all that he had and all that he was able to share with so many others.  He told me about an idea that he had to make hair ribbons for the children in the hospitals.  He said he had a friend who was into arts and crafts; and that she and he were going to make these hair ribbons and give them to the children in some of the hospitals just as a way to say “here I want to share the love of God with you”.  I was moved, such an amazing man, with such simple words but his Spirit was so amazing.

He knew that I worked for the State, he said how many years 30, and as I replied well no more like 32 years, and he asked how long had I been married he said 35 years, well no more like 28 years.  He said I could see that you are happily married with children, a boy and a girl right and they are grown.  Yes I replied my children are grown and on their own; and he asked and they are taking care of themselves aren’t they?  Yes I replied my son and daughter are both doing quite well.  He said that he could see the love of God radiating on me.  I felt pleased by that since I sometimes feel that all I want to do day in and day out is to speak with the Father and to hear His still voice in my mind.

But what was so amazing to me was that I had asked the Heavenly Spirit to speak to me this morning; and, I had asked him to please speak with me and to share his words with me.  And to think that it took a ride on the light rail train to bring me to see that God speaks to us all the time.  Sometimes when we are alone we hear His voice so clearly, and other times it is the conversations with others that shine that light of the Heavenly Spirit into our existence and it is like He has sent someone to speak to us on His behalf.

That older gentleman and I spoke all the way on the train until he got to his stop and as he left me to say good bye, he said to me “I want to thank you again for shining your light of God on me today”.  I assured him that I was indeed the one who should say thank you for I received the most amazing words from a man I didn’t even know, but who could see in me something that I had missed seeing in myself this morning.  Which is we are always dealing with something you and I, but it is the acts of kindness, it is the acts of Godliness that people remember, it is the words of love and understanding that people remember, and it is the love of God that we receive from so many places that we remember, and so it is.  Amen and amen

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