“He Restores My Soul”

Good day Blessed Ones;

The Lord is my Shepherd, he restores my soul. We are all familiar with the Biblical verse Psalm 23, and the comfort that that scripture brings to our beings, but what I find equally pleasing is the knowing that the Heavenly Father restores my soul at all times, and every time that is what is needed in my life.

I find great comfort in reading the words of scripture, and taking from them what is needed to feed me, as I am moving through a discomfort or a challenge that is on its way to becoming an opportunity. The Heavenly Father continues to bring to me all that I need when I am sick or healthy during my life’s journey in this physical realm; and even though I may not know how things may work out, because many times it is not my role to know, it is just my part to bear witness to the miracle that the Heavenly Father is working in my life, and in the lives of so many others.

What may seem to be a trial or a tribulation could also be seen by my Father, as a way of providing me with the strength and the wisdom, to prepare me in my life for the other struggle or test that will be coming next. The tools that I have been given from my previous challenge have afforded me the wherewithal to pave the way for the wisdom, for me to handle this next trial with the ease and the understanding that everything, everything will be taken care of, and decided divinely as it was meant to be, and for my betterment as well.

Dear Sweet Spirit, you comfort my soul; you have restored my soul to a place that allows me to see firsthand what my life has truly evolved into, which is something that allows me to feel good about whatever it is that arrives at my door, and once that door is opened, it allows me the opportunity to see firsthand the power of God in my life, by always accepting that thing, that good thing that arrives with the same amount of openness in my mind that a little child awaits for when they receive a new toy.

Life is good, love is forthcoming, and my soul is restored to the place where it has always longed to remain; and that is a place where my thoughts are pure and loving, my heart is open and full for even more love, and my mind is refreshed with the amazing winds blowing through of positivity, love, faith and all good things. You restore my soul, and allow my heart to remain open to love, to a faith that I can see and feel, and to everything that is given to me, is given to me with the intention, of love being a part of the equation.

I thank you God for this amazing revelation in my life, I thank you God for all that is here for me to find a way to bring about to others as I serve you, and I thank you God for the air that I breathe which allows me to see that just as a mustard seed is able to save the World, with the likeliness of something bigger than itself, so am I and all of us able to change the World with our souls that have been restored with the loving embrace of all that is positive and good in this World. God bless you all

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