“He is the amazing love song that plays in my heart”

He is the amazing love song that plays in my heart. That is how I see my Beloved, my Husband, my soul mate, the man that allows me to be nourished and cared for physically, mentally and emotionally in this realm. My Husband, my Beloved, my Baby Bear is what I like to call him, his sheer existence is here to be of service to not only his Lord our Heavenly Father, but to be of service to me as well. He feeds me, he nourishes my body with the food that I can only, I can never even imagine possible to prepare, to season and to cook with such loving care every day.

He is the sounding board that I use when I bounce ideas or thoughts or dreams or visionary aspirations off of. He is a friend that I am able to express my deepest feelings to as well. I love my Husband, and the love that I have for him has grown so tremendously from when we met each other in the 1980’s. I will never forget meeting him at the Old Sacramento Steamboat Navigation Club. How when I walked in the door, and he saw me coming down the stairs in the white dress that I was wearing and he was sitting at the bar. At that exact moment our eyes locked, and I like to tell people we have been together ever since that day.

That evening changed the lives of both of us, by allowing us to share with each other our memories of our lives. We talked about our families, we expressed our feelings of our values, of our morals, and our norms, and we realized by sharing with each other that we were very much alike he and I. We liked the same things, we were in love with the same issues, and we have a passion for enjoying life the same way together. As we have walked together down this amazing journey called our marriage, it has been one that has been filled with such joy, such love and such excitement.

My Beloved promised me that he would provide me with the excitement to last me a lifetime and he has been doing just that. He has allowed me to go to the mountain top and to see my love at what great heights it can be expressed, and he has taken me on the road of twists and turns where sometimes I never realized that there was even a twist or turn had arrived. He’s given me such a beautiful life and I am so blessed to have him in mine. And as we begin to come upon 28 years of marriage, you begin to realize that not only do you grow closer together, but by allowing yourselves the space to grow separately as well, you become an even more dynamic duo together.

Thank you my Beloved for allowing me this new chapter in my life which you thought you never knew I had and neither did I. By allowing me to express myself creatively you’ve allowed my heart to spring out love songs of such joy to you. Thank you my Beloved for allowing me to see what it truly looks like when someone can love you for who are and allow you to continue to be that person and even more as the years go on. Thank you my Beloved for allowing me to see just how amazing life can truly be, when you are allowed to be yourself, be a team, be a blessing and so it is. God bless you all thank you

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