“God is Willing”

Thank you Heavenly Father for all the blessings that you give me. Thank you my Father for making a way out of no way, and my hope of a way, into a yes it will, and yes it can. I remember when I first started working for the State of California, I never thought I would get used to getting paid once a month, I mean I never thought that pay plan would work for me and now 31 years later. I must admit it still occasionally gives me pause, but instead of worrying how I will pay this or that I rest that on the altar of my Father’s, my Heavenly Father and together we find a way and we have made a plan.

God is always willing to give you what you want, if you are willing to ask for it. Now you may not get that thing today or tomorrow, but understand this; that prayer that you put out there will be answered and that Good that you have requested is on its way, it is coming and it is coming to you. We have a thing we do at church around this time of the year, and it is called the Dream Series. We write a letter to God during the previous year asking for our dreams whatever they are to be manifested one year from that date that we submitted our letters, and do you know what is so amazing is that when I received my letter in the mail just last week, and when I opened that envelope I realized that four of my six dreams had come true.

The first dream to come to fruition was the publishing of my article in a nationwide magazine and that happened on March 4th, the next thing that manifested for me to receive was a new job and that occurred on April 1st , and then the next dream to come true was my speaking event and that will happen on August 17th, and the last item to manifest from my dream letter was the abundant love and prosperity to behold me and my family, and that has continuously occurred, since I have continued to give to God my first fruits of my labor, and he is continuing to give to me my fruits of blessings to enjoy.

I am willing to give, and God is always willing to give to me in return. So I say all of this to say that, whatever you want, and whatever your dream is write it down, pray over it and continue to pray over that dream, that desire, and that thing, whatever it is will come to you because God is willing; and all he ask is that you tell him what it is that you need, tell God what you want, tell God how you want it, and tell God what he means to you, and believe me when I tell you; God wants to give you any and everything that you want for yourself, so know now and forever more that God is always willing, for you are always a child of His, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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