“God is my Spiritual Compass guiding my way”

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; whenever I am in doubt of which road I should take or which path I should blaze or which avenue I should turn I always can turn to you for you are my compass guiding my way.  Whenever I am unsure of should I make a left or a right turn, should I go down the road further to see what is awaiting me on the horizon or should I just sit still where I am and let the experience whatever it is come to me directly instead of me seeking it out offensively.  Yes you are my Spiritual Compass you provide me with the knowledge that I need that I am going in the right direction so that I know if I need additional assistance I know my God positioning system (GPS) is there to give that to me.

The all mighty positioning system is always available to me once I am in prayer.  And I find myself in prayer more so than not my Father.  And I find that that is a good place to be, prayerfully seeking your console, prayerfully seeking the compass, prayerfully seeking your word, your love, your being; I prayerfully seek these things.   So whenever I am unsure, whenever I have doubt, or whenever I am not quite 100% sure of the direction that I am going I can always depend on you.  I can always sit back in prayer and think about and meditate on what is your will that will be done.  You are the compass of my life, you provide me with the direction that I need, you have helped me find my way in the darkness, and I am appreciative, I am thankful, I am grateful and  because of you I feel blessed.

Yes, I may not know how far the road is that I will travel, but I do know that the road when I travel it with you is one that I can take.  And I feel no fear because I know you are with me and you are with me always.  I thank you God for allowing me to know that you have my back, I thank you God for allowing me to know that you are with me when I am alone by myself, and I thank you God for allowing me to know that the love that you have for me, and the love that I have for myself and the love that I want to share with others is more than enough my Father, more than enough and I look forward, I look forward to sharing that with you, I look forward to sharing that with all of you.

May the Heavenly Spirit, the loving soul, the loving great I AM give you all that you need so that you may find peace and comfort along your wa.  May you always remember that the road that you travel, you are not traveling that road alone and may you always feel within your heart that you are being loved, and loved by something and someone so much more bigger than you and I, but thank God the love will always be there.  Thank God the loving hand of the Heavenly Spirit will always be there and thank you God for I know I am not by myself and whenever I need additional comfort in my time of need, I can rely on you as I sit and I wait and I listen for your loving words to speak to me and to provide me with the road that I need to travel.

Thank you Father for the love that you give me, thank you my Father for the love that you allow me to express out into this world, and thank you my dear Blessing for I cannot be who I am had it not been for you touching me in my life, for I cannot be who I am had I not been yours in the beginning my Father and so it is, Amen and amen. God bless you all, God bless us all, God bless us all

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