“Give me the Strength Lord”

Give me the strength Lord, to understand that my life is so amazing, give me the strength Lord, to know first-hand that what I bring to the table is relevant, is necessary, and is needed. Give me the strength Dear Father so that when others misunderstand my words of hope and inspiration that I do not take those feelings so to heart that I feel unworthy to speak the words that I do that are helpful, that are necessary, and that are appreciated.

Give me the strength Lord, to know that in order to fail you must quit; and to quit doing what brings you happiness, to quit doing what brings you love and light into your life is not even a decision that will be addressed in your mind. If the words, feelings, actions, and behaviors, that you are expressing out into the world allow you to feel the creative juices of the almighty God in your life; I say do what brings you pleasure, I say do what brings about pleasure and joy to this place, and I say do what your Heavenly Father has always wanted you to do; to use those gifts and the love of life that He has given you to be a magnificent expression in this world.

Live your life, enjoy your life, and love your life; for if your life is not what you deem it should be then change it, if your life does not provide you with the sparkle that you need to feel the effervescent glow of God in it add to it; and if your life does not satisfy the needs and goals that you have set for yourself then what you need to do, and what you must do is ask our Heavenly Father for the strength to make it for you, what you have always wanted it to be, and that is a star that shines brightly out in the world for all to see; that yes I have reached deep within myself and all that I see is Good (God), all that I feel is Good (God), and all that I am is Good (God’s) because of the strength of my Lord.

Thank you God for the lesson, thank you God for the education on loving and knowing myself, and thank you God for when I ever have doubts of who and whose I am; I only need to look to you and I am renewed to myself, that all is well because all is God. Praise be to God, and God bless you all.

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