“Forgiveness is for Me, and Forgiveness sets me Free”

Forgiveness is for me, and forgiveness sets me free. This is such a powerful statement to me because as I continue to live my life with the presence of God always in my heart and in my mind, I find that throughout the day there is a lot of forgiveness that I need to be accepting about and that I need to prepare myself to provide to others.

Every day we walk out of our homes, is an opportunity to shine the light of forgiveness over a situation, or on someone for what they have done to you or me, as well as what their lips may have expressed out of them as well. I see myself taking a deep breath more often than not when I must have interaction with those that are always ready to put a nail in my heart, or to put a nail in my eyes; so that what I am feeling, and what I am seeing are two things that need to be addressed and re-addressed at all times.

I forgive others for what they do, and what they say; because if I were to not do that, I would actually be the one that suffers, and by suffering for the deeds that others have done, puts such weight on my heart, that I have begun to realize that forgiveness is for me, and forgiveness sets me free as well. Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness; is the sweetest fruit of life, that allows me to continue on my journey, so that I may continue on with the loving and positive life that I have been blessed with to give to others. I want to forgive all of them, I want to forgive all of you; I want to forgive, to forgive, and to forgive.

The giving of myself to the Heavenly Spirit, allows me to be so much more to myself and to others; forgive those that have hurt you, forgive those that will hurt you in the future; and forgive yourself, for allowing yourself to feel the pain of what was ever done to you. For believe me when I tell you, your life, and your existence, will be much richer, and much more graceful, if you allow forgiveness to be a major part of your sharing of your existence with others. Forgive them for they know not what they do, and forgive yourself, for your blessings are coming, and your cup runnith over due to your love of the Heavenly Spirit, and your loving heart to forgive others. Forgiveness is for you, forgiveness is for me, and forgiveness is for all of us, and forgiveness will set us free, and so it is. God bless you all,

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