“Forgiveness, Forgiving, Forgiven, Forgive”

Forgiveness, Forgiving, Forgiven, Forgive. Forgiveness, forgiving, forgiven, forgive. I see forgiveness in my life. I forgive those that have hurt me, and I am forgiving to the tune of being accepting and releasing what is in my heart that is not necessary to provide me with the betterment that I need. Forgiveness, forgiveness how sweet it is. The forgiveness of your soul when you forgive others for what they have done to you; forgiving, forgiving those that were hard to forgive, but by forgiving them now you see for yourself forgiveness, so you forgive.

You put everything that was possibly something that could hurt you, possibly something that could stop you, and possibly something that could change you, and you forgive it and you let it go. Forgiveness, forgiving, forgiven, forgive; forgiveness the most miraculous feeling you could ever feel in your life is to be forgiven for something that you have done to not only others, but to yourself. To forgive and to let go is allowing you to receive that forgiveness, allowing you to receive that forgiving, allowing you to be forgiven, allowing you to forgive. Forgive me for what I have done, and be forgiving as you approach me with your tongue, and please continue to show me forgiveness, so that I can share that with the world.

Give to me Lord the forgiveness that I need, give to me Father the forgiveness that I require, give it to me my Father so that I may be forgiven, so that I can forgive myself. Forgiveness, forgiving, forgiven, forgive; let these words off your tongue and into your mouth, let these words touch your heart, let these words fill your soul for you will never be forgiven until you forgive yourself, and you will never see forgiveness, until you are forgiven by yourself.

May the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and the love that you feel in your heart allow you to forgive others, which will allow you to forgive yourself, which will provide for you forgiveness. Please believe me when I tell you forgiveness will set you free, forgiving will allow you to be forgiven, and all of that will allow your heart to receive forgiveness.

I thank you God for showing me forgiveness, I thank you God for allowing me to be forgiven, and I thank you God for allowing me to be forgiving to others so that I may forgive myself and this world; forgiveness, forgiving, forgiven, forgive. For all these things, for all these things, we say in thanksgiving, thank you God for the forgiveness, thank you God to be forgiven, and thank you God, for allowing me to forgive, and so it is, God bless you all

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