“Forgive them for they know not what they do”

Good day Blessed Ones;

Forgive them for they know not what they do. More often than not I have found myself saying this to myself, to others and to be honest for others. We are all here trying our absolute best to be what we want to see shined out into this World, and because of that we sometimes, and maybe more times than not we miss the mark, we miss-step and we miss-use a word or words to express ourselves to others.

When I ask for forgiveness from the Heavenly Father for something that I have done or may not have known I did. It allows me the opportunity to look deep into my own soul and to seek forgiveness for not only the person who may have offended me, but for myself as well for I too can at times be offensive to others. Yes the words forgive them for they know not what they do, can be applied to myself as well, for I am not always right, and Heaven knows I have made a miss-step from time to time.

But by allowing myself to forgive others, and by allowing myself to forgive myself, shows to me and to the World that we are all imperfect striving for that perfection that we all deem to be so important in our lives. I am grateful that I have finally realized that the best remedy for making a mistake or a miss-step is to say that I am sorry, I am completely, and unconditionally sorry for what has transpired and it is my first intention and my best intention to make sure that whatever it is that I may have done, or may have been done to me is forgiven and forgotten, so that I may continue to move onward and forward In my Spiritual journey along this realm.

Yes, I may not always do what is best, and at the right time, and in the right moment, but I am always the first one to say that I am sorry, I am forgiven, and I forgive others. For at many times we all may not know what we are doing, but what we can know is this. If I knew better, I would do better, and as I know better now, it allows me to continue to grow, to continue to be more aware, and it shows the World around me that I am still a magnificent expression of God’s, but as with all things I am still evolving to my highest purpose which is to be an even greater expression of the Great I AM.

Thank you God, for allowing me to see that because of my shortcomings. I am human, I am a work in progress, and I am still and will always be loved by you my Father. For you and in your eyes, I will always be to you what you have always envisioned me to be, and that is your child, your expression, that shines out into this World brightly and full of brilliance, and for this we are grateful, we are thankful, and we are blessed, and so it is. Amen and amen

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