“Father’s Day Meditation”

Let’s prepare ourselves for meditation, let’s take a deep breath in and let it out, and let’s take another deep cleansing breath in of Spirit and let that out. By breathing in and exhaling out the air that we receive at this time we are clearing the path to receive the love from the Heavenly Spirit, and as we take another deep breath in and as we release that breath, we feel within ourselves the love and the security that only a Father can provide. As we celebrate today Father’s Day as we feel comfortable to close our outer eyes and we open our inner eye of faith, we open the inner eye of faith to see for ourselves the Father that we’ve had in our lives that has touched our hearts by showing us love, compassion, sacrifice, and determination.

The Father in our lives that allowed us to manifest into who we are today, the Father that we say leaving early in the morning to go to work every day, the Father presence that we saw who brought home the bacon, and all of the other necessary elements that provided our bodies with nourishment. The Father presence that we saw that taught us values that taught us love that taught us the importance of our integrity, the Father presence in our lives. As we sit here and replay in our minds all of the numerous events that our Fathers played in our lives on a daily basis. The times when he went with us to a baseball game, the times when he sat in the audience as we played a part in our first play, and the presence of him as we experienced the first day of school, the Father’s presence in our lives allowed us to see our lives through the eyes of someone else who loved us, through the eyes of the masculine figure in our lives, and through the eyes of someone who at times may have been complicated, but always revered the best for us.

Today as we celebrate Fathers’ Day, the day when every Father or Father figure is given the nod of appreciation, given the nod of thankfulness, and given the day to be celebrated for the loving works they instilled in their children’s lives, we realize that the Father’s in our lives were many times numerous and varied. The Father’s in our lives that touched our souls were sometimes not even our biological fathers at all; many times they were figures in our lives that filled the space that the Father’s would have filled. Just as many times the Father figure in our lives was not a masculine figure at all, but a figure that took the role of the Father to continue the semblance of the family.

As we sit here and reflect on the memories that the Father figure in our lives represented to us, we will affirm together silently, thank you my Father for all the love you provided in my life, thank you my Father for the countless times we sat and talked together about my life, and thank you my Father for today is a day we celebrate you, and today is the day you are also being allowed, being given, being loved and being revered for the amazing tributes to our lives that we will bestow to you today. As we go into the silence of this moment, on Father’s Day we will affirm together silently thank you my Father for always being there when I needed you, thank you my Father for allowing me to see the magnificent expression of God’s that you were in my life, and thank you my Father for once again instilling in me the values that only a Father can provide, remember these words as we go into the silence…


Yes, a Father’s love, a Fathers dream, a Fathers fulfillment in our lives; as we celebrate Father’s Day, and as we look deep within our hearts and we see our Fathers for many times the only amazingly magnificent expression we were to witness in the beginning of our lives, we will always remember how hard it was for many of them to wear that symbol of a Father in their hearts, how hard it was for many of them to remain in our hearts as the Father that we always imagined, and how we will always remember them for not so much what they could have done in our lives, but for what they did in our lives, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, and so it is. Amen and amen

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