“Faith is not about having all the answers; it’s about being willing to ask the questions”

Good day Blessed Ones,

I love this passage that I found from a website I was visiting regarding the interpretations of the scriptures of the Bible. We all have from time to time come across a scripture that once we heard it or even read it, it just didn’t make sense to us. Or it was one of those times when we were even told that it didn’t matter if it made sense or not it was the law or the Lord’s words and that was that. But what I have noticed is that sometimes my faith is so strong that it allows me to ask questions, to have a burning desire if you will to understand and to make sense out of what I was told or what I read.

I realize and I know for sure that the Heavenly Spirit is always there to be of service to me as I make my way along this spiritual path; but I also realize that if I do not ask questions, and if I do not try to understand what does this or that scripture really mean to me, and mean to my fellow Brothers and Sisters in faith that I would be doing myself and others a dis-service.

We are living in an amazing time, and I truly feel that the words of Christ, and the words of God, mean different things to you at different times of your journey. But the one thing that will always mean to me the same, is that my Heavenly Father loves me, and He will always love me that is a given, and no matter how much I may love myself, or no matter how much others may or may not love me this one is for sure, the Heavenly Father will always love me for I am a child of His.

So as I live my life with faith, as I read my Bible, and as I continue to ask questions of what it all means to me, and what it all means to so many of us. I can rest assured that the Heavenly Father will allow me to ask questions, and the Heavenly Father will allow me to seek answers, that will allow me to grow in my faith and in my love of all that is good in this World.

I wish for you today, a day that allows you to feel comfortable to ask questions regarding your faith, regarding God, and regarding your understanding of the Bible, for there is nothing wrong with seeking knowledge, and there is nothing wrong in asking a question that will bring even greater illumination into your life, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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