“Expecting only Good”

Good day Blessed Ones;

I am expecting only good in my life and on my horizon at this time. What a blessing that is to say to yourself and to others that in my life, and in all my endeavors, I am expecting only good to be given to me and from me at all times. Doesn’t that sound like something that you would want to see in your own life as well.

Imagine if you will that you have awakened to a new day in your life, and all of the worries, and all of the frustrations that you may have experienced in the past or even in the minutes previously to right now were no longer a concern, and no longer a worry in your life at this time. I mean you feel that all of a sudden the thoughts that are going around merrily in your mind are thoughts of good things, and of things that will allow you to see your world and your existence even more plentiful and more abundant than you have ever experienced before.

That is what I have decided I will see in my lifetime from this moment on. I will take each and every amazing moment that I am presented with and I will see and expect only good to come out of any and every occurrence that arrives on my path. Each days trials or tribulations will be seen as an opportunity to make something spectacular out of something that may have at first seemed trivial and not worthy of such an amazing aspiration; think about it for a moment when you see only the good in your life, and when you first see others for what they were truly meant to be on this planet, which is an angel here to walk with you to your next rainbow of enthusiasm as the world decides what is yours to have and to hold.

Think about it, a rainbow that continues to go on and on with all the majestic colors of every shade imaginable, and within the inside of the rainbow is even that extra amount of shimmer that allows you to see the silver lining in all that comes your way, and all that allows you to be comforted with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in your life. What an amazing visualization to not only want the good that is so necessary and so deserving in your life, but to also see the good coming to you as you are also walking toward it and the rainbow of all possibilities.

What a blessing, what a triumphant blessing of all that is good, and it is coming just for you, to be given to you with all of the care and concern of being given to someone who is not only so worthy of the good, but to someone who is so needing of all that is good in this world, to be given to them for all that they do for others. See the good in your life, see the love that the Heavenly Spirit wants you to have so desperately, and understand that you are needed, that you are necessary, and that your amazing light that you shine out into this world is what keeps us all warm at night, the everlasting and truly illuminating light of all that is true, and all that is good in this world.

Thank you for being someone who is so worthy of all the good that is here for you to receive, thank you for allowing others to see what it truly looks like to accept the good in your life, and thank you for showing us all what it feels like, and how it looks to put your life in the trusting arms of the Heavenly Spirit, by allowing yourself to see your life as one huge overflowing wave of love, of God, and of all Good things, and so it is. May God bless you all

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