“Everyone has a Past”

Good day Blessed Ones;

After much reflection, I decided that I would leave my past in the past, and put a period behind it and let it go. I say this because we all have a past; we all came from somewhere else emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually to where we are right now. When I look at my past, to be honest with you there are some things that I wish I could have done differently; heck there are something’s I wish I hadn’t done at all. But what I learned from all those things that transpired in my life is this, we all have a past, and whether it is one we should cry out to the world for in an apology, or one that we should have insisted on receiving that trophy, it is just that our past.

A very wise woman once said, that out past achievements though they may be measurable and numerous, they can also hold us back from blazing forward toward a future that is divinely bright. Okay, so that wise woman that said that was me right now; but I hope you get the idea of what I am relaying to you. Be proud of your past achievements, and be understanding of your past mistakes; but remember this, they are the past, and since everyone has one of those let’s show our strength, let’s show our light, and let’s show our worth to the world for what we accomplish right here, right now, and today.

Show the world that what may have been thought of you before in the past; was so yesterday’s news, when today my friends is all we are concerned with at this time. The bright amazing future that awaits all of us is what we need to focus our attention on. So today, when you decide to count all your blessings for the life you have now, and when you decide to cross out of your existence all that was the past in your life, remember this; the world at this time and place that you are in right here, and right now, is the greatest achievement to yourself that you can ever have; make today and this moment something to revel in, and something that we all can be proud of you about. Because, believe me when I tell you; God doesn’t care about your past, but He does look so forward to your bright and amazing future. May the love of God guide you to the brightest future that you so deserve, and so it is. God bless you all,

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