“Enjoy Peace today”

A feeling of peace, a feeling of peace; one the most revealing and fulfilling things I like to do every morning before I start my day is to experience a period of extreme peace.  I clear my mind from any and all thoughts and I just rest in the stillness of the peaceful moment.  Enjoying and understanding what it feels like to just allow your mind to be in a void of just peacefulness, oh it’s one of the most special things I can ever give myself every single day.

I watch my husband get up in the morning and prepare himself for his job and I get up with him and allow him to tell me what needs to be done, that needs to be taken care of, what needs to be attention brought to for my day and then when I kiss him goodbye and as I wave goodbye as he drives the car down the driveway and begins to proceed down the street.  And right after I touch that button on the garage door and I go into the house and I lay back down for what sometimes can feel like an eternity but actually it’s just 30 minutes.

And in those 30 minutes in that brief period of time that is when I feel peaceful.  I clear my mind of all thoughts and things and I allow myself to just breathe deeply breathing in deeply the feeling of just relaxation, the feeling of calmness and the feeling of experiencing peace beyond my own understanding.  Yes, every day I give myself those 30 minutes of just pure unadulterated, unimagined or unimaginable peace.  Oh once that has occurred once that feeling of pure relaxation has occurred than it is possible for me to get up and start my day.

Because I’ve already spent time in the silence, I have already spent time embracing the Heavenly Spirit’s love in my life, I have already given myself that period of peace that I so deserve and need to start my day.  I look forward to this every single day this is my time that I clear my mind and I allow and it is given and what an amazing feeling it is.  To feel such peace, such love, such infinite amazing blessings of good; yes, I allow and I feel and I give myself permission to receive this gift, this amazing gift.

I wish for you today an amazing day filled with little pockets of time where you too can experience peacefulness.  Little pockets of time within your day be it 15 minutes or be it a half an hour but use that time to just relax your mind; to rest yourself, to sit still and to feel the embracement of what the presence feels like in your life.  The presence of all good, the Heavenly Spirits love, the feeling of such encouragement which allows you to feel your day unfolding in a way that believes and belongs to the betterment of your blessings.  Yes, enjoy some peace today, yes, enjoy a period of just pure peacefulness, yes, enjoy the peace today, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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