“Do You Love Yourself”

Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself? When it comes to this question, let’s get away from what you look like on the outside. Let’s get away from what your hair looks like, what your eyes look like, what your body figure or stature looks like. How big your feet are or how wide your waist is; let’s get away from those things, and let’s love ourselves and let’s look at do we love ourselves for what’s within ourselves?

Do you love yourself? Do you love your values? Do you love your morals? Do you love the norms that you feel about yourself? Do you love your integrity? Do you love your truth? Do you love yourself? When I think of these questions I think about sitting in the stillness and wondering to myself “do I love myself”? Do I see myself as just another person walking along this long journey that we call a spiritual path? Or do I see myself as an individual on its own spiritual path finding its true existence and its true meaning because of the strong values, the strong norms and the strong character that I have within myself.

I can honestly say that I love myself. I love myself for the choices that I have made. I love myself for the truth that I feel in my heart, and I love myself for the patience that I have learned to acquire, for the strength that I feel in my character, and for the integrity that I have within my soul. I love myself; and to love yourself is not always an easy task. Sometimes we love ourselves, but we know sometimes we make the wrong choices for ourselves, but we have to love ourselves anyway because of it. Loving yourself for all that you are, loving yourself for all that you will ever be, and loving yourself for who you are at this exact moment, that is the true testimony of loving yourself.

At this exact space, place and time, do you love yourself? Do you feel that you could be just fine with just the love of yourself in your life? It’s not necessary for you to be loved by everyone, it’s not necessary for you to feel that you must be liked by everyone, but it is necessary that you like and love yourself, when you sit in the quiet times of the day by yourself. When I sit in the quiet times of the day by myself, I am so excited to be able to spend quality time alone with my own thoughts or better yet with no thoughts at all. With just the love, the warm glowing feeling of love in my being, I love myself; and, as I grow older and more in tune with myself, I find that I love myself even more because I just am amazed at the growth, the spectacular growth that happens in my life to myself on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Yes I love myself, I love myself from the inside out, I love myself because of my character, because of my strength, and because of my strong conviction to be authentic to not only everyone else but to myself, I love myself, I love myself. Take this day, take this moment, take this time in your life to look deep within your heart and see for yourself how amazingly beautiful you are, see for yourself just what it means to open up yourself to yourself, and to see how amazing you are. I hope you too will find it within yourself to see the beauty that you have so much from within that allows you to shine your beauty throughout this world. For you are beautiful, you are loving, and you deserve to be loved by the most important person in your life, yourself. Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself, and so it is. Amen and amen, God bless you all

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