“Continuous Gratitude, Continuous Gratitude”

“Continuous Gratitude, Continuous Gratitude”

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 Last night as I was lying in bed, trying to get myself through the storm of stomach pains that I had been experiencing (I don’t know if I ate too much meat or if I drank too much non-alcoholic Near Beer that I had been drinking) but all I know was that the stomach pains were very substantial.  

So as I was experiencing this pain, this riveting pain, I remember just praying and praying for the pain to go away and the words that kept coming up for me were continuous gratitude.  And I thought myself, “You must mean continued gratitude.”  But no the words I was thinking were continuous gratitude.

Continuously feeling gratitude for the love of God.

Continuously feeling gratitude for the love of God, for the love of God, for the love of God continuously, continuous gratitude.  

So I started thinking about all the lists that we have.  You know we have this thing called the Gratitude List.  I’m in a class right now and one of the projects I have to do is to write 10 things every day for a week that I am grateful for, and that I show gratitude for.  And they can’t be the same 10 things. 

So once you have thanked God for being grateful for your home, and shelter and warmth and electricity and your car and your husband and your dog and your job and your retirement and just breath.  What do you thank God for next? Continuous gratitude. 

I began to think that it is just not 10 things a day -- why don’t I just pull out one thing and fixate on that thing and take that one thing and give that my continuous gratitude appreciation all day long!

So I said, “Okay let’s try that, let’s make a list of that.”  So the one thing I decided to use as the first thing to feel gratitude for in this new way of thinking continuous gratitude was that  I am so grateful for my health; in the beginning you would not have thought that would have been the first thing I would have wanted to show continuous gratitude for.  Since it seems like that is the last thing that I would pay attention to.  But the first thing I thought of, the first thing that came to mind for me was my health.

And since I have retired and re-fired my life into becoming a more spiritual being and less of a physical being on this spiritual plane that I am on.  My health means so much more to me because I have to be nourished within and without so that I can give of the well that I draw from to help and to serve, continuous gratitude. 

I take this time to thank God for my health, I take this time to thank the Heavenly Spirit, the all-powerful One, the full Omnipresent, Omnipotent power in my life for my health.  I thank you Heavenly Father for the health that I project out into the world and for the health that comes back to me because of that projection.  The filling up of the well that becomes used as I share that gift with others.  But Lord it is not just that I am so grateful for.  I am grateful for that fact that my mind is healthy, that my mind is focused, that my mind is determined to be used as a servant; my health is perfect, whole and complete at this time. 

Yes, so I thank the Heavenly Father for my continuous gratitude, today I choose my health, tomorrow I may choose my monetary wealth, and who knows what I may choose after that.  But what I find so illuminating, what I find unbelievably, un-escaping is that I am still here, I am still strong, I am still a presence and I am still receiving the presence.  Thank you God for finding a way to still use me, thank you God for finding a way to show me how to be used, thank you God for finding a way for me always and in all ways, thank you God and so it is, amen and amen.

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