“Constant Student”

Be a constant student, be a constant student; today I realized that life is about learning lessons, about following hunches, about realizing dreams and manifestations.  But also it’s about being a constant student, being open to new things and new ideas, keeping yourself teachable.  Being able to be moldable, being able to be sculpted if that’s what you see is needed in your life.  But being open allowing yourself to experience a new thought, a new idea, a new conclusion to an obvious constant problem.  Seeing yourself as a constant student, a constant learner, a consistent achiever of new and exciting ways to maneuver in your life; a student.

I find so interesting that every day gets better; every day becomes more important because every day is a new opportunity to learn something amazing to learn something that is needed to learn something that is so necessary and wanted for my soul.  To see something differently with a new eye, a constant habitual consistent student always willing to learn always willing to be open to the idea of something new.

But also being open to the idea of something new from within, changing myself, looking at what worked before maybe it doesn’t work for me now.   Seeing myself as someone who is learning something different everyday but now it seems like it is learning something different every hour and enjoying the journey that I am learning from.

I thank you Heavenly Father for this amazing opportunity to see myself in a new light, as  a new ideal and in a different way but also being able to experience and experiment with new thoughts.  I want to be everything that I can be but I want to be that person with an open mind as well, and someone who sees love as so much the reason more so than the ending of the result.

Love is the reason, love is the beginning, love is the middle and the love is the end of the entire equation.  Thank you God for letting me love myself, thank you God for letting me see that sometimes when you love yourself you open yourself up to some of the most amazing miracles to come into your life, and thank you God for showing me once again how amazingly wonderful this life is, how grateful and blessed I am to be in it, and how thankful and grateful I am for you in my life.  Thank you God, thank you God and thank you God, and so it is, Amen and amen

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