When was the last time you checked in?  When was the last time you checked in?  So we have this thing that we do at a lot of the different workshops and groups that I am a part of.  The first thing you do is you say your name and you check-in.  You check-in as you tell yourself and others just what has been going on with you.  How you are feeling?  How you’ve been reeling?  How you’ve been experiencing, how you’ve been shining your light out into the world?

And as you talk about the good things, the bad things, the hard to get over things and the easy to appreciate things, you realize that your check-in is just as amazing if not as difficult to hear as some other peoples check–ins because we are all going through something.   And as we check-in and tell each other what that something is, as we check-in and continue to feel that maybe what we are experiencing in our life is not so bad after all, because there is someone out there who is experiencing something of a similar experience, so we check-in.

And as I begin by saying hi my name is Gerrie, and I have been kind of down these last couple of days, because I have been going through some things with my special place that I call my Spiritual Home; but now all of a sudden things have seemed brighter, things have seemed clearer, things have shown the love of God into the situation.  And even though I may not have come to terms with this or that, but what I have come to terms with is that when I stand tall, when I stand in my truth, when I stand up for myself, that is when I truly am able to check-in, that is when l am truly able to say hey this is what I am experiencing, this is how it is affecting me, and this is what I feel I am receiving from the experience.  And as I use each of these experiences, each of these challenges as we like to say, as an opportunity to grow, it just shows me once again that you are never too old to learn, and even though sometimes the growing experience may not be for you, the fact that you are able to be a part of the chapter in someone’s life as they learn something new themselves that’s all part of the journey, lets check-in.

So today as I check-in, today I feel great peace, today I feel great pleasure in the idea that I can be what I’m intended to be, that I can be what I was meant to be and even though something may happen along my way doesn’t stop me from going forward toward my destiny, I’m checking-in.  I’m telling myself that yes you have had a bump and a bruise and oh that was a scar but you’re going to be all right.  Because as you go forward you are going to receive even more bumps and bruises and scars, and some of them are going to be able to be covered up with make-up but some of them are going to shine out and those are going to be the ones you are going to learn from, lets’ really check-in.

So check-in for yourself, are you seeing something in your life as an obstacle, but really it’s just there to provide you to be roughened up and shined up into that brilliant diamond that we know you are to be.  Are you experiencing something in your life that you feel that oh if I could just get through it, If I could just get past it, if I could just get around it.  But sometimes you’ve  got to just go right to it, and you’ve got to stand up to it, and as you stand up and as you take that deep breath and as you say to yourself, I’m checking-in, I’m going forward, I’m seeing my light transform my situation.  See your light, see the light that you shine out into this world, see your existence, see your true demeanor as an awakening of your consciousness, and as your consciousness continues to soar because you have become even more readily to assume the role of the participant in your life with the Heavenly Father, not just the orchestrator of your life, you will see that your checking-in, your check-ins will still be dramatic, will still be filled with questions that need to be answered, but during your check-in you will be able to realize that you are not alone, nor have you ever been on your journey.

So when I check-in now, I check-in and say you know today was amazing, last week was a learning experience, but today, today is an opportunity to go forward, today is an opportunity to see the future, today is an opportunity to capture a glimpse of what tomorrow’s check-in will be, and if today is any indication tomorrow’s check in will be just as glorious, just as amazing, just as fulfilling, just as worthwhile.  I thank you my Heavenly Father for allowing me to check-in.  I thank you my Beloved Father for allowing me to see how far I have gone from my last check-in, and I thank you Father for allowing me to use the lessons that I learn as stepping stones toward the path that I am leaning toward.  The journey is so much more than the destination that I will arrive toward, but the journey is truly what allows me to feel checked-in; check-in today, check-in on yourself today and ask yourself how are you doing, and share that with someone, share that with someone, and make that someone truly be yourself, and so it is, Amen and amen

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