“Change can be amazingly refreshing”

Today what was ringing in my mind was change can be amazingly refreshing. When we first think of change; we think of change as something uneasy, we think of change as something unimaginable, and we think of change as something not being positive. But what I would like for you to think of change as, as an opportunity for something amazingly refreshing and new to come into your life. Look at change as something that whether we choose for it to happen or not, it occurs, but once the change has appeared in our lives it is usually something so much sweeter than we realized it to be.

We first saw change as a challenge to something that was so amazingly correct for us as the status quo but then we realized after the change had occurred that what we were grasping to stay the same was not allowing us to grow and stretch. Change is the only thing in this world that you can best believe will occur to you continually in your life. And how you receive that change, how you receive the new and amazingly refreshing change in your life will determine how sweet the experience will be.

I look at change now as something that is necessary in order for me to evolve, to develop, to manifest, into something more than what I am right now; and, I see everything that changes in my life has come about at a time when growth was needed, came about at a time when expansion was necessary, it came about at a time when I needed to stretch myself. Change is amazingly refreshing; change is something that you should be excited about, that you should be ecstatic about, and something that you should be looking forward to, around the corner, and around the bend.

So today as you experience and realize once again that a change is coming and a change is happening in your life, take a deep breath in and breathe in that love of the Heavenly Spirit that is yours to have, and then exhale out into the atmosphere the old you who now because of the change, is amazingly and pleasantly refreshed, may the love of the Heavenly Father provide for you always and in all ways a life filled with surprises, a day filled with love, and a heart open wide to experience it all. Change is amazingly refreshing, God bless you all

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