At this Exact Moment

At this exact moment, I am so happy, I feel so loved, and I am experiencing pure joy. My body is well, my health feels magnificent, and my mind and my eyes finally and truly see clearly Sweet Spirit. Lord you have made me so very happy, I will never forget this feeling, that I am feeling right here and right now. May the love of God continue to shine in my life, and may I continue to feel that warmth of the sun as the light that God gives us all to light the way that we need to follow.

At this exact moment, nothing is unreachable in my life; at this exact moment I see myself reaching for the stars, and it feels so good to stretch myself and to expand my mind to new and possible opportunities that I have been afforded due to the feeling that I am experiencing right now. What a blessing it is in my lifetime, to understand that all that is manifested in this world can be mine if I see that for myself. All the Good that is here; all the wanting and longing of times long past that were not available to me because I felt that I was not worthy, because I felt that I was not justified to be receiving those blessings, have all gone away.

And now look at me; Lord look at this magnificent expression that you have created, with all the love in my heart for myself and for this world. I know now that I am worthy, I know now in my heart, that I am the one that controls this ship in the sea of confusion and change that may await me; I know that at this exact moment, and for every moment after this, I will continue to see the world, my world as one that anything and everything is possible; for at this exact moment, I have realized that I am divine, and that the divinity of your love has been given to me and it is Good.

May the love of God, give you what you want today, and may the love of God allow you to see for yourself, that at this exact moment what you feel in your heart, and what you see in your mind for yourself is and will always be possible; for you are blessed, you are magnificent, and you are a divine being at this exact moment, and so it is. God bless you all

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