“As I forgive others, I forgive myself as well”

One of the most amazing things that I have ever experienced in my life is forgiveness. Forgiving others for what they do, and have done to me, as well as forgiving myself, for what I have done to others, and what I have done in the name of helping others to forgive themselves. We have all done it, we find an opportunity to share with someone some advice that we feel they need in their life, so that they can go and forgive someone else for what has been done to them, only to really be providing that advice as a way of forgiving ourselves for what we may have done to this individual or other individuals in the past our own selves.

Let me explain I remember when it was so hard to forgive my sister for taking what I thought was my inheritance, and I thought with the help of others she was given something that should have been ours and not just hers alone to reap the benefit from. I thought in my mind that she had hurt me and my little family, and because of this I would not and could not forgive her for this undertaking. Well low and behold; when I began to really look at the issue, it began to make sense to me that what we had all been fighting over was never really any of ours to have in the first place. What my parents had saved and scrimped for all their lives were those little treasures that meant so much to them, and by me feeling that I should have some entitlement to them was a way of me saying to myself that those precious treasures were mine to have as well.

But in reality those precious treasures were actually theirs, and theirs alone to hold on to as amazing blessings in their own lives, those things, which is in fact just what they were, just things that really weren’t mine to have; they brought no real substance to my life and even though I may have felt hurt that certain things weren’t shared with me and my family; the things that I was given such as love, and the time that my Mother and Father spent with me and my beloved, were the treasures that I should always feel were mine to be destined to have. When I finally forgave my sister and forgave many others in my family, I found a great sense of a heavy weight being lifted off of my heart and off of my soul.

What is mine to have will always be mine to have saith the Lord. And the mere fact that something that I may have always wanted all my life from my parents was just their love, was what I was always given from them; the material things, the money, and the fights to get back what I thought I should have been given; once those memories and thoughts were put back, and away, and reconfigured into just what they were treasures and memories of theirs that I really didn’t need in my life any way; that was when the true blessings that I have been wanting to receive from the memories of my parents is what I received.

I forgave all of them, and by doing so I was forgiven as well; and I was able to see the blessings, that were mine to have were no longer clouded out of my life, for now they were not being blocked because of the hurt feelings that I had for something that was not destined for me to have. My parents will always be to me two of the most giving individuals I have ever met in my life; and what happens when people die is at many times unfortunate and misunderstood; but as the smoke clears and as the emotions begin to wane, we are able to see each and every instance for what it truly is, and that is this. I have learned something so magical about what I experienced, and I hope that when my time comes to pass, I am able to provide a clear and distinct direction on how I want my affairs to be handled and taken care of, but if they happen to not be handled the way that I had intended. I would hope that my own children would understand that the real treasures that I leave for them is the treasures of love, dignity, and respect that they should have for themselves and for each other, and the rest of the stuff is just that material stuff, and believe me when I tell you none of us can take that with us; so forgive, let it go, and love again.

May the Heavenly Father continue to shine into my life, a light that allows me to see my past for what it is a memory, allows me to see my future for what it is another opportunity to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others, and the present for what that is, which is the right now and this exact moment to forgive others so that I can myself be forgiven as well, and for this we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

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