“Are You Living a Life of Intention?”

Well today is a double header, and I hope you don’t mind that I decided to leave my special words for you and about you to come later in today’s e-mail stream. I have been thinking about you as well as myself; when I asked this question out loud for all to hear. Are you living a life of intention? Are you living a life that is full of all that is burning inside of you, a life that is waiting with all its might to be pushed out into this world? Or are you living a life that is just mediocre? A life that is just getting by, and a life that is just crossing off the dates of the calendar until your real life begins when you retire, or when you get that new job, or even when the kids move out of the house? Are you living a life of intention?

So we have asked this question to ourselves in numerous ways, and it still needs an answer from you and from me. So I will go first since it is a question that I began with; I want to say no, and yes to that question, and let me explain to you why. My life would be a life living with full intention if I didn’t have to feel that if I did decide to just walk away from this security that I call my State job, and just say a prayer and walk away and truly and honestly do what is in my heart to do as a vocation, as a job, as a life. That would be me living my life with all the intention that I could muster being displayed for the entire world to see. Now my answer was one of no and yes; and since I already gave you my no portion to this question, let me follow that up with my yes answer. I do strive each and every day to be just what I have envisioned myself to be, and that is a motivator and an spiritual inspirationalist of all the Good that can be given to others and to this world. I spend my time and my energy in inspiring others so that they can take those thoughts that they have in their minds, and use those beginning thoughts to create a plan that when put on paper it allows them to see the total picture, and the real prize that awaits them once their goal has been met.

I love to find new and innovative ways to tell people how amazing they are; and for them to find ways within themselves to see that the light that shines so bright from their own soul is the light that needs to be illuminated for us all to see as well. So there you have it my answer is one that is short term and long term; and even though I wish with all my might that I could take my long term answer, and make it happen right here and right now, I know in my heart that that day will come; I feel deep within my soul that eventually my burning desire to be so much more will turn my world so far upside down that I will have to scream out in pain that yes we will walk away from that today, and yes we will take that leap of faith today. Because when is it the right time to truly live your life’s dream to the fullest? When is the time when you can say to yourself and to others that I wanted to be that successful writer or painter or lecturer or even philosopher, but I always thought I had more time?

And before we know it the time that we thought we had, has come and gone and that thought has gone as well. So use today as the day that you will live your life with the intention that it so deserves, use today as the day that you will say to yourself and to anyone and everyone who will listen, that today I will live my life of intention and I will move forward in my dreams to make a difference for myself, to move forward in my dreams to make a difference for my family, and to move forward in my dreams that now that I am awake and now that I know just what a life lived in intention truly looks like, that is the only life that I will ever want for myself, to be given to myself, and that is the only life that God wants for you as well. May the almighty Spirit guide us all into living a life that is full of intention, and may that intention always be a life that is what we have always dreamed it to be. Your life, your intention, your masterpiece, and for this and so much more we say in thanksgiving, thank you God, thank you God, and thank you God, and so it is. Amen and amen

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