“And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith” Matthew 21:22

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence, oh my Father what excites me more than anything else, what titillates my day more than anything else, what makes my day more exceptional than anything else is to read your passages from the Bible every morning.  And whatever you ask for in prayer, will be given to you.  Lord I have many prayers this morning, I started a new regiment yesterday and the regiment is called no more victimization, no more victimization of myself.  I will no longer feel that I am a victim of circumstance, of lack, a victim of upbringing, a victim of my color, a victim of my sex, a victim of my faith, a victim in any way, shape or form.

I will no longer, I will no longer allow myself to use the energy that I have within my body in any shape or form that allows me not to feel joy in my heart.  I want to feel joy my Father.  I want to feel joy, I ask in prayer for joyfulness in my life, I ask for joy in my life, I ask for joy to be given to me, that’s what I ask for in prayer my Father.  Because if I have joy, if I have joyfulness, if I am joyful, I will be feeling the prosperity of you running through my veins, I will feel the prosperity of you running through my mind; I will feel wealthy, healthy and wise.  Joyful, joy, I want and I pray for joy, I am excited that that is what I seek today.

I seek not to understand why things have occurred but to understand that because of their occurrence I still feel joy.  Because of their circumstance I still feel joy, and because of whatever comes my way I still feel joy; joy that is what I pray for today.  That’s what I ask of the Heavenly Father in prayer today.  Let me continue to feel the joy in my heart in no matter what circumstance arises in my life.  Let me continue to feel the joy in my soul in no matter what happenings that happen in my path.  Let me feel the joy of you, of your words of the scriptures, of your love, let me feel the joy, let me continue to feel the joy of you in my life.

I had an opportunity yesterday to Google myself.  I saw something on Facebookthat said you will be amazed to see what shows up when you Google yourself so I did, and wow what I found was pretty darn amazing.  I saw not under Geraldine Walker no, not under Gerrie Walker no, under gerriewalkerinspires I saw my writings that I have done from 2013, that have been tagged from people all over the country; my God I was amazed, I was blown away.  I have been writing, and writing and writing, every single day of my life for the last four (4) years.  I have been prolifically writing and that brings me joy, even if what I write about is sad, even what I write about sounds mad, even if what I write about sounds celebratory it brings me joy just to put to paper my emotions and my feelings, and the feelings that I receive and the words that I receive from the Heavenly Spirit.

But when I was dealing with whatever I was dealing with yesterday and I happened to Google myself and actually it brought me joy in my heart.  It brought me joy in my heart to realize that there are people all over reading what I write, thank you Jesus.  But it also brought joy to my heart to know that I am not alone nor am I by myself when I say I love the Heavenly Spirit and the Heavenly Spirit has shown his love in my life.  So I ask today to continue to feel that joy, I ask today to continue to feel that love, I ask today to continue to feel those emotions.  I ask today to continue to feel the love of the Heavenly Spirit demonstrating in my life.  I ask today to continue to be led to say thank you over and over again for the blessings that the Heavenly Spirit bestows upon me.  I thank you my Father for the joy, I thank you my Heavenly Spirit to be joyful, and I thank you sweet Heavenly Father for when you touched my heart, when you touched my life, when you touched my very being I realized that I was in a better place than I had ever been in any time in my life.  I thank you for the sunrise that continues to shine in my life, I thank you for the beautiful sunsets that I see as I close my eyes, and I thank you for the love that I feel embracing my heart, and so it is, Amen and amen

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