“An Awakening”

Dear Heavenly Father, it has been so many days since we have all spoken to each other; and Lord when we were at Unity Village, it was so amazing, I could feel the spiritualism, I could feel the energy, I could feel “You” there. And Lord now that I am back here, I miss Unity Village so very much, and I miss the talking with you Lord that we had with each other. Lord you answered some questions for me, you provided some illumination for me, you gave me the awakening that I needed, and I am grateful.

I asked who, what, when, where, and how; and all those questions were answered for me. Now I’m not going to speak those answers out loud right now, because, I feel in my heart that something must be saved just for you and I to know and to share with each other. But what I will share Lord is the fact that my life has changed, my life has felt awakened, my life has felt energized by the newness that I have experienced from this Spiritual Pilgrimage. Lord, I see you as what you have always truly been; and I always knew this to be true, but it was reinforced that you love us, you love us, and you never tried to persuade us to that differently. You were not trying to teach us, you were not trying to give us an obstacle in our path to teach us a lesson; that’s not your way, your way is Good, your way is loving, your way is beautiful.

I see things that happen to us, as things that happen to us; life is an experience of things that happen to you, and what makes life so amazing is the fact that how you accept what is happening to you, or how you react to what is happening to you, is the experience that you are going to receive. I believe in the law of attraction that like attracts to like, and in my life, I want to attract to me Good, I want to attract to me love, and I want to attract to me inspiration, hope, joy, forgiveness, and all Good things, because that is what I want to spew out into this world; yes Lord this trip that I was on was an awakening.

But what it awakened in me was already there, and just needed to be rekindled with the fire ignited underneath the passion. “God is Good Omnipotent” and that is the way I see you, that is the way that I will always see you, and I thank you for that vision. Lord I see myself whole, healthy, and healed, and I see myself rejuvenated in strength of a pure and clean body, a body that has now decided that it will take itself to the next level. And the next level Lord is what we both have been waiting for to achieve, the strength to serve my Heavenly Father. One of the sayings that they would say at Unity Village was let’s get Myrtle with it. Meaning lets get Myrtle Fillmore with it, because Myrtle Fillmore believed in health and wholeness, and not sickness and dis-ease, we are healthy, we are whole, and we are loved by God, and thank you Myrtle for that.

Lord thank you for this trip that I was able to go on, and that I am still on a spiritual high that I have never experienced. Even though my body was tired from all of the running around, and the taking care of others, and making sure things were what they were supposed to be; my soul, and my mind, were just working along just fine, just feeling illuminated by it all; I don’t know what other word to use, to say that there was an awakening, there was a passion reignited, there was a rebirth, and out of that rebirth came all the Good that had been there all along. I thank you God for the amazing journey that I was able to be a part of, I thank you God, for the amazing insight that I have now opened my eyes and become aware of for myself, and I thank you God, for the many and numerous opportunities that you continue to give us in our lives, to change our lives from something that was amazing, to something that is magnificent, just by changing our mindset, and by changing the way we receive, the way we accept, and the way we react, to others and to things.

We are so fortunate, and we are so blessed, we are so blessed; so today I ask you to take this opportunity that we are all given not by just taking an awakening trip that I just experienced; but by waking up every day, you are given an opportunity to make your life something that it was truly meant to be, and that is a magnificent and positive expression in this world. You are here to receive your Good, you are here to receive the love of God, and you are here to be given the tools that you need to be all that you were meant to be; take this time, take the journey to learn and love yourself, the way God loves you, the way we all love you, and the way that you should love yourself. My Heavenly Father, thank you for the awakening, and as I said, thank you for the illumination, and Lord thank you for the business in my life that is now going to be taking place, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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