“Allow yourself to be”

Good day Blessed Ones;

As I was enjoying this amazing day it dawned on me that one of the most hardest things to do in this world is allowing ourselves to be, whatever that to be is. What I mean by this is we don’t allow ourselves to be happy when happiness should be the reason for the day. And we don’t allow ourselves to be joyful when joy is what we are experiencing from within and without. By allowing ourselves to just be, to just be whatever is necessary at the time so that we can be authentic with ourselves and with others that is the true testament of living a life in your truth to yourself and to others.

I am finding that one of the most amazing experiences that I am experiencing in my life is just allowing myself to be happy, even if happiness is not what should be on the agenda at this moment but taking it upon myself to just feel that happiness within myself because that is what I want to allow myself to feel at that exact time and in every moment in my life.

There is always time in the day to be upset about this or that, and Heaven knows there is enough in this world to allow you to be upset all day long if that is what you require. But why don’t we use all of the energy that we have today and every day and allow ourselves to be happy, allow yourself to be happy, allow yourself to be joyful, and allow yourself to be filled with the love of the Heavenly Spirit in your life at this time and at this exact moment. Allow yourself to feel the embracing power of what that love feels like all around you, and allow it to radiate from within you as it also radiates outside of you.

Allow yourself to be taken care of today, allow yourself to feel what it truly feels like to have someone pamper you just because you are who you are, a magnificent expression of God’s on this Earth. Allow yourself to be provided for if that is what is needed at this time in your life. Allow yourself to be set free from all of the worry and fear that comes with not knowing what will happen if you just let go of the structure of life for one day and see how the Universe takes it upon itself to provide for you any and every thing that you need and desire.

Allow yourself to be, allow yourself to just be, and see how that feels for once without any solution, any direction, or any determination of what is right and what is wrong. Just allowing yourself to see each and every situation that arises as something that will be a new experience to you and for you; because you are now seeing this or that with brand new eyes, and those eyes are allowing you to be blessed by the Heavenly Spirit even more so because you are allowing Him to take care of it all, and you are allowing and trusting that whatever it all is, it will be just fine since it will be divinely provided for you.

I am so glad that we are allowing ourselves to just be today, so that when tomorrow comes, and when we finally see for ourselves how amazing the day before really turned out to be. And by realizing that it turned out the way it did because we allowed ourselves to trust, to have faith and to just be what we have always been meant to be; children of the Most High, with the best intentions of good and love in our lives. Try this for yourself today, try this for yourself this week, try allowing yourself to just be and see what happens to us all, and so it is. God bless you all,

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