“All you have is Time”

All we have is time, all we each have is time, and let me explain what I mean by that statement. We wake up each and every day deciding that in four years I will do this or that, and in two years I will take that trip to the Caribbean, or that once in a lifetime job will come to me next year because that is how we see our lives and that is how we envision our lives to be. We’ll have I got news for you; today, tomorrow, next year and definitely the next four or five years, are not destined for us to foresee, but what is destined for us to foresee is today, this moment, and right now. Now I can plan all I want my retirement which will happen fortunately or unfortunately however you may see it for me in four years, but actually the time I should be concerned with and the time I need to keep my eye on is the time I am experiencing right here and right now.

When I think of all the times that as a young child, I so looked forward to growing up, and growing older, and now it is so ironic, that all I want to look forward to at this moment and at this time, is this moment and this exact time. I want to be spontaneous and see this moment as the most important day, time, and event, in my life. Now I have not stopped dreaming and forecasting into the future; no, not at all that is not what I am saying, what I am saying is, we need to be happy and enjoy where we are right here and right now, to really live a life of true abundance and true joy. I remember when I would feel that if I could retire early or earlier that my life would be so much more fulfilling to me.

I mean I actually felt that by leaving my job earlier would be the answer to all my problems or all of my concerns, well what I found out two Sundays ago, was that to plan a goal like something like that, you need time to get your ducks in a row, and you need time to put together a plan. And as I have said all we have is time; so, I intend to put that time to good use, and to live each day for what it is a divine blessing from the Heavenly Spirit, and by doing that I will remember that right here, and right now deserves my extreme attention all the time.

This is the first time in my life when I am not attending classes; I am not going to school for this degree or that, and you know what, it feels good to me that the only other activities I have in my life besides spending as much time possible with my beloved is my church duties. I love my faith, and I love my church so to me, I have such a wonderful life right here and now, that anything above and beyond that such as my writing, my radio spots, and my speaking opportunities, are the cherry on the top of that big banana split sundae of my life. I am truly blessed that I have finally realized that it is not so much the activities that make me happy in my life now, as there are the moments of now that those activities inhabit.

I am living in the now moment, and I feel extremely happy about that, and I feel extremely happy about myself and my life. So when someone tells you that you need to plan for this or that, or that you need to prepare for the future, because you never know what may occur; I say to you to relay to them, thank you for your wonderful words of insight, and I will do just that, but I will also enjoy every single moment of right here and right now, because all we have is time, and by deciding what time means to you, will determine how amazing and fulfilling your life will be; enjoy today, enjoy this hour, and especially enjoy the right here and right now, because believe me when I tell you that is the most precious time that you have. God bless you all,

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