Affirmation by the Center for Spiritual Awareness

Today I accept and rejoice in the understanding that there is a law of circulation working all the time, it simply brings back to me what I put out and it is mechanical.  I put out love, love comes back.  I put out jealously here comes some jealousy my way; I think I’ll stick with love

Dear Heavenly Father, Sweet Loving Presence; as I continue on this amazing journey called my life and as I continue on this amazing walk that I am involved with, with you I find myself occasionally thinking a thought that is not, let’s say it is not godly.  Sometimes we have thoughts of worry or despair, and sometimes we have thoughts of misunderstandings and anger and resentment, and those thoughts, those thoughts which are negative bring back the same things to us that positive thoughts bring back to us.

Positive thoughts allow you to see your life as it is and as you wish it to be.  But negative thoughts allow you to bring to your life, what you deeply don’t want, but what you will most greatly receive.  The thoughts that I want to bring into my existence, the thoughts that I want to have today and for all time are the thoughts of love, the thoughts of understanding, the thoughts of compassion, the thoughts of amazement and the thoughts of goodness.  Those are the thoughts I want to see manifested in my existence.

Not thoughts of jealousy or envy or malicious thoughts or thoughts of anger and resentment.  Those thoughts, those feelings, those attracting molecules I don’t want attracted to me.  For it takes a great mind to understand that what you put in it is what you will receive.  But we all have a mind like that, we all have an opportunity to say to ourselves I choose to be happy today, I choose to see the world in a happier way and I choose to bring forth that happiness that I feel that is within me to be shared with others so that they too can see a world differently, a world positively, a world filled with the love of God as the world is learning to accept that.

Let’s accept it one person at a time.  Let’s take today, take yourself and use your thoughts of positivity, use your thoughts of happiness and all good things and spread those thoughts out into the world.  Use your mouth to speak those thoughts, those things, those positiveness and positivity.  Because the only thing I want to circulate in my life is positiveness, the only thing that I want to see circulating in my life is positiveness, and the only thing that I want to feel in my life and in the lives of others is positivity.  Help me make that happen today, help me make that happen for you today, help me make that happen for your neighbor today, help me make that happen for this world today, help me make that happen today and in all days, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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