“A new life, a new life”

Oh Sweet Heavenly Spirit, Mother/Father God, thank you, thank you, thank you for this new life.  Thank you for this new life, this new life, this new life.  Dear Heavenly Spirit I had no idea I would come through to the other side of the resurrection myself feeling resurrected, myself feeling a new life, myself feeling a new beginning, a new, a new awakening. Gone are the fears and the doubts and the worries, gone are the self-deprecating attitudes the negativity, the self-negative talk gone are the un-confident ways. The new life, the new life has began with confidence, with understanding, with true admiration for the one who gives me all that I need and all that I need is what is necessary in my life the love of the Heavenly Spirit.

A new life, a new beginning a new realization that your life, your amazing life, your 2015 life is the best life you could have ever had.  This day, this month, this year, this exact time that you are experiencing in your life is something that you will not, that you will never, it will cease to be what it was before the new life.  The life of all good things, the life of all prosperity the life of all abundance the life of seeing your life blessed and showering with blessings from the Heavenly Spirit, your new life.

Can you see your new life in front of you, can you see your new life around you surrounding you embracing you with all the good that is coming to you, and all you need to do is open up your eyes and see for yourself this new life.  This new beginning, this new awakening, this new time; I remember last year when I went through the 40 days of Lent, I remember last year I didn’t feel amazed as I was this year as I walked through the steps of the periods that has just passed us.  I think this time my life had taken a corner, had turned a page, had revealed to me “that you have nothing to fear my child for you are on the path that I have asked you to be on and I have seen you for who you are”, and who you are, who you all are, who we all are, are amazing magnificent expressions of him, of her, of the Heavenly Spirit.

Yes, I feel a new life, I feel a new life, a new opening, a new opportunity, a new beginning to something that is going to be even more amazing than I had envisioned before, a new life.  Do you see it with me, do you feel that these last few weeks have allowed you to embark upon something new within yourself with the help of Heavenly Spirit, do you see it with me?  Do you see that what we thought was something that was so unimaginable, something that was so not possible and look what it has become your new life, your new beginning.  The time where now the rubber hits the road but the road is even so much more smoother for the rubber to travel on your new life.

The new you, as I said last year’s resurrection was nothing compared to what I felt this year.  Resurrected into something even more ready for the journey ahead, resurrected into something even more amazed by the love of the Heavenly Spirit, and resurrected into something more than I could have ever imagined myself to be before my new life.  Yes, there is not a doubt in my mind or a care or worry in my soul that tells me that this new life, this new life, this abundant and prosperous life, this fulfilled with love life will be filled with anything other than what it was destined to be.

Thank you my Heavenly Spirit, my Sweet Loving Presence for allowing me to experience this Heaven on Earth life, the new life, the new life, experience this with me, experience your life anew.  Feel the resurrecting power of the Heavenly Spirit allowing you to see your life changed, you have been re-arranged, you have been modified, you have been transformed, the new life.  The most meaningful time in your new life is the moment that you realize it for yourself that you are truly all that was meant to be expressed out into this world, you are that magnificent being, you are that Spiritual being that we have always thought you to be, you are what we have waited to be manifested your new life.

Thank you God for this new life, thank you God for this new beginning, this new awakening, this new transformation, this newness that we are experiencing thank you Heavenly Father, the new life, the amazingly new life, your new life, your new you, and so it is, Amen and amen.

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