“A Gift Resides in Every Moment”

When I first heard this phrase during a period of meditation, I thought how amazing that is to think that every moment of your existence, every moment of your life a gift resides in it. And a gift can be so many different things to so many different people. A gift can be a period of stillness that you’ve allowed yourself to experience that reveals to you just what your purpose was truly meant to be. A gift could be the first awakening thought that you received when you decided that your life would be far more beneficial to this world by being a believer in the Heavenly Spirit; and a gift could be something you have always dreamed of in your life but thought it unattainable at this time but then it arrives and it is given to you. A gift resides in every moment.

So many people are feeling lost at this time, and during this time of spring, during this time of Lent, during this time of letting go of anything and everything that is negative in your life, and replacing it with anything and everything that will empower you is what we’re experiencing. If thoughts in your mind are giving you unpleasant feelings, then stop thinking them. Stop worrying about the bad, and when I say that I mean stop focusing on the Devil, stop focusing on the Satan, stop focusing on the negative, and the negativity, and flip that and focus on the good, focus on the positive, focus on the gift that resides in every moment.

See your life as a continuous moment of good, one moment after another moment after another moment of blessings. A gift resides in every moment, and as I said when I first heard this in my meditation, I thought wow what an amazing thought; and I began to think about how I think continuously and constantly of positive things. I’m not perfect in this thinking however, and occasionally a negative thought will come across my mind, but it is I assure you, it is not there because I brought it there, it may have been there because of other circumstances released it into my atmosphere. But what I am saying is what we think we bring into our existence, so when you start looking at life in that way then you say the only things I want to bring into my existence within my control are positive things and thoughts.

Positive, positive gifts reside in every moment; positive dreams reside in every moment, positive revealing’s of your life reside in every moment that’s what life is. Many people would like to believe that we have to be on constant watch and worry because of the negativity that is around every corner; and I tell you that I don’t believe in this thinking and I don’t believe in these thoughts, and if that makes me to some to appear to be a dreamer, well than I am a dreamer and a believer of the dream of positivity. So I say to you today when you think about your life, and you think about what could possibly go right today, put the word everything into the equation.

You deserve everything positive, everything positive deserves to be coming to you, and a gift of positive, amazingly magnificent gift resides in every moment of your existence let’s try that thought on, let’s try that thought on for 30-days, let’s see what happens if for 4-weeks we decided to think positively about our experience in this life. What would happen, what could possibly happen because of that, and I assure you that if you were to do just that, if you were to think of just that, you would see blessings raining down on you, because that’s where the blessings come from positivity, that’s where the blessings come from positive-ness, and that’s where the blessings come from any type of opportunity that arises that allows you to seek and think higher.

Take the high road today, take the high road today, and see your life as a positive experience, as a gift that resides in every moment and it is a positive gift, as a gift that resides in every moment, and it is a positively amazing gift. See your life in this way for 30-days and let me know how it worked for you, let me know how it felt for you, let me know what you received out of it, because of the positivity in your mind and in your life will bring nothing but positive things to you.

Believe me when I tell you, God wants to bless you, He wants you to be happy, He wants you to feel happiness in your life; do this for yourself, do this for your family, do this for your world, and so it is. Amen and amen

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